The way we experience, consume, and interact with media has changed forever. As broadband Internet service and wireless Web access have become nearly ubiquitous, increasing numbers of consumers are participating in the creation and distribution of media content.

Morpheus Media understands this seismic cultural shift and advises media companies on how they can adapt to new and ever-evolving realities. We are on top of social media trends and tactics–blogs, podcasting, RSS Feeds, Wikis, virtual worlds–and understand the need for brands not only to participAs an extension of our interactive branding and creative team, Morpheus employs experienced web development talent to facilitate your web development needs.

Primarily a LAMP-based team (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP), the Morpheus web development team harnesses the latest technologies such as AJAX and XML to create fast-loading, truly-engaging web experiences that complete your online marketing initiatives. Leveraging proprietary tools, we are able to guide clients through the entire development process while keeping them collaboratively involved to ensure the optimum outcome.

• Microsites
• eCommerce
• User Generated Content
• Blogs
• Social Networking Styling
• Flash Development
• Broadband Video

We believe that every touchpoint should engage the viewer because the viewer is always at the forefront of our minds when developing client-centered web experiences.

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