Don’t outreach your outreach.

So you think you’ve built yourself a pretty good website? Your content is not only relevant and insightful it is concise and optimized? Your tags are terrific and your landing pages leap out? Now how do you get the word out?

Once you’ve created your site you may have thought the toughest part of the operation behind you, but be weary.
Building great content is only the first step of the often-dangerous endeavor known as interactive marketing. The most treacherous element of your digital journey has yet to begin. Outreach.

Ask any professional in the interactive arena and they will tell you that content is king. What they won’t tell you is how to effectively spread the word to the digital community. Standing on your chair and screaming that you are relevant is no longer a viable option (if it ever was). How then do you build readership, drive traffic, and create conversions?

The simplest answer of course is the most effective, hard work.

Many tactics exist that allow marketers and public relations professionals to reach a large target field with minimal work and effort. Most of these efforts involve bulk emails driven by purchased target lists that claim accuracy.

Be careful.

Recently Chris Anderson editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine and author of The Long Tail took more than 300 professional communicators to task by publicly outing them as industrial spammers. With over 300 response comments posted on his blog he obviously touched a nerve.

The uniqueness of your content in combination with the added value it provides your readers will eventually gain you a following. This being the case do not get yourself blacklisted before you are even out the gate.

By taking the time to understand your vertical and appreciating what editors are looking for you can initiate a productive outreach campaign

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