Control Your Content! Avoid Cannibalization!

Overindulgence. Cannibalization… No I’m not speaking of the next Hannibal Lecter movie. I’m speaking about editorial content and Search Engine Optimization.

So you’ve got the next best thing to sliced bread for content. And content.. is king! So why not deliver it all, expand your reach and give the search engines everything you’ve got, throw the kitchen sink in, and you’re bound to rank for those juicy terms with high search volume? Wrong! Just think of what you’re doing to those computer databases that are indexing all your material. Your overabundance of content is just wasted KB’s to the search engines, just more data for the search engines to have to mine through with their extensive algorithms and decide what content to rank your site for. This is called cannibalization, and can be a killer towards the search engines getting a clear picture of what your site is about.

Here are some steps you can take to avoid being the Hannibal Lecter of the search world:

1. utilize robots.txt to limit what pages are indexed by the search engines. Make sure only content that you want to drive traffic to is available to the search engines.

2. NO DUPLICATE CONTENT. No matter how important a bit of content is, don’t write about it 10 times and have multiple landing pages for it. You’re only hurting yourself as now all these pages are competing against each other for relevancy among the search engines. Focus more on making that one page shine.

3. Utilize title tag/head tag/paragraph tag hierarchy. Search engines understand this, and can filter paragraph content as supplemental. Use tags sparingly and wisely, as this will boost relevancy for terms held within. Think about a table of contents and descriptive paragraphs in books.

Content is king, but overabundance of supplemental content is a silent killer! Deliver your content wisely!

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